Dr. Julia Biggins is a scientist running for Congress.

My name is Julia Biggins and I am running to unseat Barbara Comstock in the 10th Congressional District of Virginia. I am an infectious disease scientist and the mother of four wonderful children. Prior to the 2016 Election I was a typical working mother – working long hours but still finding the time to coach soccer teams, lead Cub Scout dens, and help out at school. I was perfectly content until I observed the impacts from the new Presidential administration.

We now live in a world where science, the environment, and the values my husband and I had been working hard to instill in our children are under attack. My children looked to me for answers as to how we could elect this President. I had no answer, until I participated in the March for Science and discovered the best way to fight back was to run for office. I am the scientist who will replace the anti-science congresswoman on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee.

As an Infectious disease scientist, I am running for congress not only to give more scientists a voice in Congress, but also because I believe the people of Virginia deserve policies and laws that are built on carefully reviewed facts and evidence, rather than opinions and the deep pockets of special interest groups. Scientists are trained to follow the data. Data and facts do not have a hidden agenda. Data and facts are not biased or bigoted. Scientists conduct experiments, present data to colleagues and peers, then collaborate in an open and transparent manner.

If you elect me, I will bring all of my training with me to Congress. I pledge to listen to my constituents and hold open forums and town halls. I pledge to work with my colleagues across the aisle to develop reasonable solutions to the complex problems our country is facing. We need more scientists in Congress if fact-based science is going to have a fighting chance during the Trump era.

This campaign is bigger than just one person.

We need your support to make sure science has a voice in Congress. If Democrats are going to take back the House, we need every seat. 2018 is the year science strike back.

All Americans deserve equal protection and equality under the law. It is absurd that LGBT, women’s, black, Native, disabled, and immigrant rights are still insecure, and I will fight to defend the rights of anyone being persecuted.

Democrats and Republicans need to come together to figure out how to provide affordable healthcare to every American, so that medicines I’ve spent my entire career developing are available to any who need it.

We need to cut back on wasteful spending and work to make sure every tax dollar collected is effectively spent.

We strongly support the “Fight for 15” movement. The cost of living in America has steadily increased, but wages have have not kept pace with inflation. Anyone working full-time should be able to feed their family and pay the rent/mortgage.  The richest 1 percent of families now control a record-high 38.6 percent of the country’s wealth based on 2016 data, according to a Federal Reserve report.

The Trump administration has been an incredible disappointment.  It has decreased the dignity and civility of our Country. Americans are communicating that this is not the direction we want to take our Country.  The recent 2017 VA, NJ, AL, and MI elections proved it. We must remain diligent and resilient!

Our justice system is broken and needs drastic reforms. We need sentencing reform, increased police accountability, reduced sentencing for non-violent offenders, and restoration of full civil and voting rights once a sentence is served.

Vocational schools and community college should be free or subsidized because I want to live in an America where Americans of the next generation are well-trained and properly equipped to become contributing members of society.  The near-term cost of such a policy is an investment in people who will contribute more to our economy in the future.

Scientists overwhelmingly agree the global climate is warming and humans are the cause. We need to be the global leader in investing in clean and renewable energies while maintaining diverse energy sources.  Science and engineering research will continue to help us make advances toward the future energy technologies.  We can protect our environment while still ensuring a ready supply of energy to meet current needs and to promote future growth.

A growing economy and fully-funded state department are the ingredients for a powerful, prosperous, and secure America. Through diplomacy, development, and commerce we can make the world a safer and better place.